Product Information


What is Thrinno Fast Quote?

A tool which enables making fast, accurate quotations for metal 3D printing.

Secondly, it can be used for businesses with end-applications in the metal 3D printing field to quickly assess if it is feasible to 3D print a certain model.

What is Thrinno's business model?

Currently, we provide the software for free in exchange for your feedback.

Which file types are currently supported?

.STL and .OBJ

Thrinno is an amazing tool, but I just need this one extra feature. What should I do?

You can send your request to info@thrinno.com

I can't upload a 3D model on Thrinno Fast Quote

First make an account and log in, on the same page. Click the plus icon in the upper left corner. Only .STL and .OBJ files are supported. If there is still a problem, send us an e-mail with your 3D model, then we will tackle the problem.

How long does it take to get acquainted with the software?

About 10 minutes for the easy version, 30 minutes for the advanced version.

What kind of free printability checks have you got?

  • Enclosed powder
  • Support structures
  • Enclosed support structures
  • Thermal stresses
  • Thin walls

How can I get these printability checks for a specific printer and a specific material?

Thrinno's advanced version enables to fill in parameter settings in the profile editor.

How does the thermal stress checker work?

We don't consider ourselves as competitors with existing FEA packages predicting thermal stresses and deformations. Our algorithm works with a 'slice checker', considering large area spots per slice and the differences in successive slices. This approach is quite rough, but incredibly fast, enabling the possibility of trying out lots of orientations in seconds or minutes.



I want to use Thrinno's software to make quotes, but I am bound to my customer's NDA.

Probably you receive your RFQs via e-mail and probably you did not set up an NDA with your e-mail provider. And that makes sense, because your e-mail provider is not a manufacturer, but a software company. So are we: Thrinno is a software company with a SaaS business model.

In our terms & conditions you can find the exact specifications of our policy. In short, Thrinno cannot and will not use this data for any purpose.



Save lots of time during the design cycle by getting feedback early.