What is CAD?

Computer-aided design means making 2D or 3D parametric models. We are specialised in the metal 3D printing field, so in our field it means "designing models to be 3D printed". 

What is CAM?

Computer-aided manufacturing is the name of software driving a machine. In our field a machine can stand for metal 3D printing or post-processing machines. 

What is CAE?

Computer-aided engineering comprises all software tools helping engineers to model the reality in a way that designs can be optimised for certain properties.

What is our experience?

There are three ongoing projects.

  • One of them is confidential
  • Another one will be revealed at Formnext (come and visit us at Stand C78!).
  • The third one is our printability feedback tool specifically for powder bed fusion.

What are the possibilities for cooperation?

Typically we work as follows:

  • Short term cooperation: we develop custom software based on daily rates or project fee. We provide a 5% - 25% discount if Thrinno can reuse the code for other projects. The discount depends on how interesting your product is to add to our central code base.
  • Long term cooperation A: we provide a library for a one-time pay-off fee + 20% yearly maintenance fee.
  • Long term cooperation B: we develop an application together. We are product owner of the CAD/ CAM/ CAE software, you are product owner of your machine/ software platform/ ... We ask for an upfront payment for a number of licenses equivalent to 25% of the estimated development cost. If we believe in your business plan, we take the other 75% risk to help your project succeed.

Why choose us?

When searching for a CAD/ CAM/ CAE partner in the metal 3D printing field our surroundings, three aspects should be considered:

  • Technical capability: 
    Thrinno is a start-up with the ambition to grow. A healthy long term grow can only be established with talented people, certainly in the early stages of the company growth. Therefore we search the best developers with the capabilities to become software architects in the longer term. If you work with our developers today, you are working with our software architects of tomorrow.
  • Price: 
    We are a small company with low overhead, which makes us price competitive. Furthermore we are flexible with our business model to find the best way of collaboration.
  • Communication: 
    Again, we are a small company with low overhead. Both business and technical decisions can be taken very fast at our side and our developers always answer e-mails within two business days. They also have at least full professional proficiency in both Dutch and English.