Harald Schmid, CEO of Gramm.online

As an additive manufacturing designer, I often have to quickly determine the feasibility and viability of complex parts for metal powder bed fusion. Thrinno has developed a great solution for this task. It provides both a customisable automatic method for evaluating parts, as well as exposing key part benchmarks to the user. I particularly like the features for enclosed powder and support volume. The formula tool for calculating prices holds up and includes the important cost drivers - and it is customisable. Well done!

Thomas Bossuyt, CEO of MetalTechnics3D

Thrinno's free version convinced me to create an account and to set up a custom profile for my printer. It took about half an hour to make my first quotation, the second one was ready after only 3 minutes! Lots of received quotations are not economically feasible for the potential customer. Thrinno helps me to save communication time by providing price (and printability) feedback very fast. I also like that the tool provides a clear price/quality trade-off warning me if I would have missed something determining the best orientation.